Ticket Inspection

has never

been better

We offer the most comprahensive sollution for inspection of tickets, issuing fines and warnings.

Main Features

Rapid Inspection
Fast workflow with Automatic Licence Plate Recognition and RFID/NFC support
Check for payment from multiple sources
We support 19 different vendors such as EasyPark, Metric, Parkman etc…
Photo Evidence
Unlimited photos, also of the fine on the vehicle. Possibility to print photos on the fine
Towing and Clamping
Diverse workflow configurations such as warnings, towing and clamping can be set up.
Time Tracking and Statistics
Optimise productivity with built in time tracking and and statistics modules.
Follow up Lists
Potential vehicles can be automaticaly or manually added to a follow up list so that the whole car park need not be checked.

Other Features

Fine grained configuration
The software can be configures on a per group or individual basis.
All data is Yours
The server software can be hosted on your own premises or in the cloud. In both cases all data is accessible to you through API’s - no lock in.
Monthly Upgrades
We provide monthly updates with new features and bug fixes.


ParkCheck Whitepaper