Work Manage­­ment

Time engagements and optimisation of parking inspector’s work
We enable effective tracking of parking inspectors’ work time as well as optimising inspection routes and control frequency

Main Features:

  1. Tracking by GPS location and zone login. Real time positioning enables work supervision and agile rerouting.
  2. Various engagement types. Freedom to set up types of activities that fit your organization best.
  3. Backlog history. Easy preview of full activity history, up to 3 workdays back.
  4. Restitance to manipulation. Inspectors have limited access to modify their activities log in long retrospection.
  5. Mapping of inspector work route. Follow or replay exact daily work route. Have time engagements visible at a glance.
  6. Statistics. Complete evaluation of inspector's work performance and comparison with other team members' output.

Other Features:

  • Solution that enables fair hourly renumeration of field inspectors
  • Comfortable tool for apprisal purposes
  • Easy system to deliver instant messages to and from inspectors