Let's meet at Intertraffic 2024 in Amsterdam
April 16-17, 2024

Unlock Efficiency in Parking and Property Access Management with Spinn and make it easy, efficient & profitable

Discover how seamless parking and property access can be with our innovative solutions, tailored for the future of transport, parking, and mobility infrastructure.
Join us at the upcoming Intertraffic Amsterdam, where we will showcase our services designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of parking and traffic management:
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Adaptive Access Solutions
Offering both short and long-term access options to suit all user needs.
Dynamic Spot Management
Efficiently managing bookings and optimizing space with our advanced overflow functionality.
Integrated Authentication Systems
Utilize an array of authentication methods including LPR cameras, PINs, RFID cards, and phone-based controls.
Remote Control Accessibility
Manage barriers and doors directly from your mobile device for ultimate convenience
Real-Time Information Sharing
Stay informed with up-to-date spot availability to ensure smooth traffic flow.
Simplified Mobile Payments
Experience hassle-free payments without the need for additional apps.
Effortless Lot Management
Oversee your parking spaces with ease and efficiency.
Strategic Fleet Partnerships
Enhance profitability through collaborations with car rental and car-sharing services