What we do

Spinnistart provides complete portfolio of software solutions for parking operations.

The tools we have created were made hand-in-hand with the european leading parking operators to meet their rising expecations and to enable evolution of parking business quality in Europe.

We do not rest with the tools and solutions we have created in the past years. Spinnistart team has strong competence in innovative IT design, we are not affraid to use cutting edge technologies for the benefit of our customers and we constantly keep up to date with changing world, so we are ready respond quickly to the customer’s or market’s versatile needs.

We create innovative solutions, we customize existing tools to client’s specific demand, we programm special features according to customer’s request and we keep our users happy with effective maintenance.

In a nut shell: Spinnistart is big enough to offer great software for running serious business and small enough to tailor that software to individual operator’s needs.

We offer: - ready software tools for parking operations (permit management, parking enforcement, work time tracking, AI signange) - customization and integrations services - new software development